“There is an illness that takes away a mother’s ability to access joy...right at the time she needs it the most”
— --Dr. Katherine Wisner

You Are Not Alone


Infertility, pregnancy complications, birth experience, and transition postpartum can all impact the mental and emotional well being of parents. Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are very real and very serious complications for women and families after the birth of a baby. Whether your first child, second, third, or beyond, postpartum mood disorders steal the joy from parenting in an already vulnerable and difficult transition. Nearly 20% of women suffer from some form of postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, making it the most common post birth complication and it can happen to anyone.

You are not alone, and Seattle Postpartum Support can help.

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As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Child Mental Health Specialist, and Maternal Mental Health Specialist I've spent more than a decade working with families. 

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